We want to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to your pharmacy needs. Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers to implement new programs and are continually refining our existing programs.The best part is that many of our services can be combined and tailored to best fit your needs!

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Free Delivery 

We understand that making it out to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions isn’t always an option. That’s why we provide free delivery! Delivery is available to anyone and everyone, to your home or workplace. We do ask that you call a day in advance to schedule your delivery so that we are able to accommodate you.

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The Vaccine Clinic 

Located inside of Nation’s Medicines on Highway 54, we are able to offer vaccinations to meet all of your needs. Whether it’s flu, pneumonia, meningitis prevention, or a list of travel immunizations, we are here to help. Join us in becoming a generation of preventative medicine!

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Compounding prescriptions are tailored to each individual, making sure your needs are completely met. We can compound for strength variations, alternate dosage forms, and ingredient alteration. We even offer veterinary compounding. Whether it’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy or a prescription for your pet, we are here to meet your compounding needs.

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Pill Planner Program 

We designed our Pill Planner Program, keeping you in mind, no matter what walk of life you may be in. We will fill a custom planner specifically for you and deliver it to your home or business. But the care doesn’t stop there: if there is a change in your medication during the cycle, one of our drivers will pick up the planner, a pharmacist will make the necessary change, and send it back out with the driver so you always know your dosage is always correct.

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Med Sync Program

Our Med Sync Program is a synchronized prescription refill service. The pharmacists at Nation’s Medicines on Highway 54 can review your profile, find the best date for synchronization, and automatically fill your prescriptions to be ready for pickup on that day each month, saving you time in the pharmacy!

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Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management, also known as MTM, is a service that allows our pharmacist to sit down and review all of the medications a patient is prescribed. This service is a more intensive review of prescribed medications to optimize therapy. 

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Doc Value Program 

Our Doc Value Program is a Membership Only savings program, provided to our customers in the event where insurance coverage is not available. We want our customers to be able to spend less and get more!